HTML Executable 2022

Hi, I have emailed, also posted 2 support tickets asking pre-sales questions for HTML Executable 2022.
For example,

  • Release Date (approximate date when BETA 2022 HTML Executable Commercial public release version will be released)? What will it cost? Any pre-release pricing?
  • If version 4.9.5 (which gives me errors for my project; no errors in BETA 2022 for same project) is purchased now, can BETA 2022 be used fully for projects now instead of 4.9.5?

When would a 64-bit export feature become available?

Please reply to ticket 3045 or 3055 or emails sent last week or PM, or in forum. Thank you.

New BETA is great software! Looking forward to using it.

Best Wishes

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  1. We just released beta 3 and it will be hopefully the last beta before final release. A lot has been done in this last Beta.
  2. All current purchases will give you a free update to HTML Executable 2022.
  3. Nothing prevents you from already using Beta 3 for your projects, but keep in mind that there might be minor bugs.
    A 64-bit version is on our TODO list, but we had first to release a 32-bit version. It does not really matter since Windows 11 can still run 32-bit apps fine.
    Thanks for your feedback! :grinning:

Thank you for this helpful information. :grinning:

Will the grayed out “Key Generator” and “Advanced Options” tabs in the “Security” screen be fully working and accessible in the public release version of HTML Executable 2022?

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They are already available but active only if you enable the “Publication Trial Tools” option.

Wonderful! Thank you for this additional information.

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