HTML Executable 4.7.1 available

Turn your websites, HTML and PDF files into secure ebooks or apps for Windows. Our ebook compiler has been updated. Semi-transparent splash screens, large files, initial support for the incoming Windows 10…

Upgrade is highly recommended if your maintenance is still active.

What’s new:

  • Optimized compression algorithms. Compression speed improved.
  • Support for new image formats for the splash screen.
  • Support for alpha-blended PNG images - non-rectangular splash screens. Use 32-bit PNG to benefit from semi-transparency.
  • Improved support for large DPI screens (for both HTML Executable and publications).
  • New “Output Format” page in HTML Executable with new option “Keep the runtime outside the EXE file”.
  • “Keep publication data outside the EXE file” option: lets you create publications larger than 2 GB.
  • “Keep the search index data outside the EXE file” option : lets you create search indexes larger than 2 GB. This is a workaround for the “out of memory” compilation error.
  • Content Filetypes: new option “extract and open it in application”. Useful to open PDF documents for instance if you don’t use the PDF internal viewer and you want to open them in the default PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.
  • Support for Paquet Builder 3 to create Setup packages and uninstallers for your publications.
  • Trial/restricted versions: system IDs can now be based on the network Mac address.
  • Support for JBIG2 image format in PDF.
  • New Spanish language file for publications.
  • PDF viewer engine updated.
  • HTML Viewer engine updated.
  • Skin engine updated.
  • Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and incoming Windows 10.
  • Improved support for Google fonts (use WOFF files).
  • Updated Enky SL and LC dongle support. New global variables HEDongleLicCount, HEDongleTrialDay and HEDongleExpirationDate to show expiry time of SL dongles.
  • Fixed system error. code 8.
  • Fixed random AJAX errors in Webbrowser/IE publications.
  • Fixed Toc font size problem in HTML Viewer publications with large DPI.
  • Fixed: Windows won’t shut-down when there’s an active HTML-Executable Publication reduced to the Systray.
  • Fixed: when closing, the publication could stay in memory in XP with the PDF viewer enabled.
  • Fixed: incorrect month setting for SL dongles.
  • Removed “company logo”.
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • Several documentation topics were updated to cover some problems such as Flash loading on Windows 8, out of memory error when compiling large publications…
  • Minor improvements.

Update 4.7.1:

  • Fixed: main window size always increased at startup.
  • Lowered memory requirement for compressing runtimes (“Memory Error” problem).
  • New FAQ about inserting a company logo or custom image in the About box.
  • Fixed: PDF thumbnails panel was not displayed in HTML viewer publications.
  • Fixed: links with PDF bookmarks were ignored in HTML viewer publications.
  • Reduced runtime file size.
  • Minor changes.