HTML Executable - major release available - October 29th, 2016

HTML Executable 4.9 is out

Turn your websites, HTML and PDF files into secure ebooks or apps for Windows. Our ebook compiler has been updated with great new features: Web Update for your ebooks, external file encryption (large audio and video files) and much more. Upgrade is highly recommended if your maintenance is still active.

Edit: a minor update v4.9.0.1 is available. If you already installed HTML Executable v4.9, we recommend you to upgrade to v4.9.0.1. Prior manual uninstall of v4.9 is required before installing HTML Executable v4.9.0.1.

All Changes

  • New Web Update feature: it enables publications to check for updates, download them and automatically install them. A Web Update Wizard guides end users through the updating process. No additional software is required, but you must have a web server where to host public update files generated by HTML Executable. Watch our video tutorial about web update for ebooks
  • Publications can automatically check for updates at startup. A “What’s new” text can be optionally displayed.
  • New global HEScript function to trigger a check for updates: Global.HEStartWebUpdate. This can be invoked from menu items or toolbar buttons for instance.
  • New ability to encrypt external files: if you decide to keep large source files such as audio and video files outside of the publication (as external files), you may still want to protect them against copy. HTML Executable can encrypt external files so that these files can only be opened by the publication. This is a security feature that will help avoid unwanted copying of your publication resources. It works with large files, especially media files such as HTML5 video (MP4 format) and audio.
  • New “Encrypt external files” option in the File Manager to display the “Encrypt external files” utility. The latter allows you to decide which external files you want to protect with encryption.
  • Improved behavior when reading external files.
  • HTML Executable now displays an error report when an unexpected error occurs and, after user acceptance, HTML Executable can send this error report directly to our support team for review.
  • Updated EXE overheads to remove code that could trigger false positives in some antivirus programs.
  • New option “Use virtualization for the runtime module” set off by default to minimize the risk of false positives in some antivirus programs.
  • New Table of Contents property to allow only one visible panel at a time: CloseIfSearchPanelOpens lets you mimic the default behavior of CHM files.
  • New field option to specify the PDF bookmark panel’s initial width.
  • New option to disable the “View Commands” panel of the built-in PDF viewer.
  • Our code signing utility now looks for certificates both in current user and local machine stores.
  • New “Reset with default list” button to fill the forbidden programs blacklist with pre-defined items.
  • Hyphens and other non-numeric characters are ignored in short registration keys. This lets you make registration keys such as 123-456-78 instead of 12345678.
  • Fixed task dialog sizing problem in Windows 10 anniversary update.
  • Improved occurrence count of the built-in Search feature.
  • Fixed incorrect EXE version information random bug.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug that could occur when starting a new project (“creating XML structure” wait dialog box).
  • Fixed window.external.GetHEScriptCom JavaScript call bug.
  • Improved letter confusion detection in registration keys.
  • Improved invalid character detection in fields to avoid system error code 122 “The data area passed to a system call is too small”.
  • HEScript event named OnWindowCloseQuery is now added to UserMain by default.
  • Fixed bug that could lead to incorrect “Runtime error 217” and “HTML Executable corrupted DLL runtime Module” error messages on some computers.
  • Fixed: some Self-Extracting publication options were not saved in the project file.
  • Fixed: Self-Extracting publications were acting weird with recent versions of FireFox.
  • Fixed: PDF bookmarks were not shown at startup even if the option was enabled.
  • Added a close button to the toolbar of the built-in PDF viewer, which lets users navigate back.
  • Fixed: some external links were not working in PDF files displayed with the built-in PDF viewer.
  • Fixed: problem to burn the Enky SL dongle on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: HTML Executable Web Update did not properly unpack 7z archives.
  • Improved loading of large MP4 video files on Windows 10.
  • Updated virtualization engine, HEScript engine, PDF viewer engine, HTML viewer engine.
  • Updated Spanish, English and French language files with several new resource strings related to the new Web Update feature.
  • Updated documentation and new topics: How to call a javascript function? and How to prompt for a password for closing ebook?


  • Fixed “invalid registration key” random bug.
  • EXE PE header checksum now correctly updated.
  • The Cleanup utility now takes account of personalized user preference folder.
  • Added a “Copy to clipboard” button to the key generator so that only the registration key is copied.
  • Fixed: some encrypted external files could not be properly rendered.
  • Minor tweaks.

Compatibility for projects made with previous versions of HTML Executable

It is recommended to reset the Special Content list (Content Filetypes) to take account of recent changes for Windows 10, and to reset your system HTML pages.

You should also review new resource strings if you manage your own language files.

Runtime modules for version 4.9 are compatible with publications made by version 4.8 but not compatible with publications made with previous versions of HTML Executable (4.7 and lower).

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