Html executable 5

When are we expecting HTML EXECUTABLE 5, Is December already. Please, any update. I will also be nice if System ID can be verified (optional) as a valid ID before Registration can be generated

How could we verify that the system ID is a valid one, except based on its format? It’s not possible, unless using one of the character as a character control. Maybe it’s what you meant.
For HTMLEXE 5, we’re still working on it (remember it’s a very huge update, requiring us to rewrite a lot of parts and make a lot of testing) and it will be renamed HTML Executable 2018. With the new Windows 10 release scheme, it’s better to switch to release names based on years.

See the attached picture to see how System ID verification is implemented here. This will allow us not to activate a wrong system ID. Now regarding NTML Executable 2018, those this mean we should not expect this release until 2018? and when can we likely have a Beta version released?. We have been waiting for 2 years but is good news the work you are putting to it. Please kindly update us further.