HTML Executable as help file for software

CHM files as help files for software are easy to implement and even simpler to use. However, they are not as attractive as HTML Executable files in EXE format. Is it possible to use HTML Executable as a system to produce help files, where from the program I make is able to challenge specific topics from the HTML Executable file in the EXE format. (It will be a specific html file or even html file with anchor). Please pass me a few suggestions on this topic.

Sure, it’s possible to use HTMLEXE to create an interactive help file. It’s what we do for HTMLEXE itself: its help is interactive and the proper topic is displayed when you press F1 in our software.
Same for our other products.

We have an API SDK if you use Object Pascal. Or you can pass pages to open or map IDs (see through the command line. See

Especially be sure to turn on this option: Only one instance of the publication can be run at a time
See why here: