HTML5 content very sluggish


I have converted my flash-based project to HTML5. It runs very well in both Chrome and IE11 (except for IE’s limited HTML5 feature support), but as soon as I compile it with htmlexe, it’s extremely slow and sluggish, to the point where it’s unusable.

Is this a known problem? Will it improve in a future update (I read something about Chromium)? Will an update to Chromium also fix the limited HTML5 feature support that is now present in htmlexe, as in IE11?

Sure, Chromium runs fast. Could you try to compile your new project with our other software ExeOutput for PHP to see if you see speed improvement. It ships with the Chromium engine that will be integrated into HTMLEXE 5. Get the trial at


I tried ExeOutput for PHP, and it’s considerably faster. Can’t get the videos to play, though. In any case, I cannot use that instead of HTML Executable, since it’s lacking certificates. Do you have a timeline for Chromium support in HTML Executable?

Edit: I see that the video won’t work with several formats due to licensing. Will this be the same for HTML Executable with Chromium?

Yes, formats will be limited too.