HTMLExe 2021 Directive Files

Since the current documentation of the Beta 2021 hasn’t yet been updated, could you briefly list any changed/new directives that are usable in directive files?

E.g. I guess PubType values have changed, since HE2021 no longer supports Self-Extracting, HTML Viewer and IE Browser publications. How can one specify the CEF engine version?

I’m currently testing how to integrate HE2021 in my Git repositories and automate the toolchain to auto-update publications, so I need to make the most of out files directives since when the AsciiDoc sources change I need to update all the HTML files, generate a new XML TOC, etc., and update the eBook on the fly.

Files directives currently seem my best option, since I can exploit Rake to work around the need to pass absolute paths, by generating the directive files on the fly, manipulating environment vars to calculate absolute paths on the fly.


Directices were not tested nor updated for Beta 1. But it’s on our TODO list for the final release. Yes, PubType will disappear (and is just ignored).