HTMLEXE 5 with Chromium mode

Please when is HTML 5 coming with Chromium mode, as tit will go a long way to publish independent application with in-built browser with full support for html 5, we. have been waiting. Expecting it like yesterday. Please hurry. Thanks

Now that ExeOutput 2 is released and with Chromium mode, we’re updating our code to HTMLEXE 5. It will be released hopefully before summer.

Will it also include built in flash player? It’ll save us a lot of headache!

We also hope we will be able to separate the .exe files from the data files has you implement the chromium in-built browser. With larger content. it will runn faster when the .exe file is smaller and have the bulk of the data in the hedata files

What will be the license policy for current version 4 users with active support?

Free upgrade for recent customers and those with an active maintenance.

Any updates?