HTMLEXE latest release problem - SOLVED

Hi, I can’t lаunch publication compiled with HTMLEXE 4.9.2 because of this error -

If I uncheck this checkbox in the publication -

I get a different error message -

With version 4.9.1 - there no such problem on the same computer.

Please advice

I checked on four other computers and had the same problem on Windows 10 and Windows 8. Sometimes I got the message, sometime I did not.

The first message is due to a missing resource string. Try to load the latest English.hel file.
Are you using some Java applets in your ebook? Or active objects such as Flash?

There is HTML and Javascript. After I compiled a new publication, I could run it once or twice before problem appears -

Update. It looks like my content is conflicting with HTMLEXE somehow. My publication is running Powerpoint presentation converted into HTML5 with iSpring. I solved this by executing HTML5 100% on server side with HTMLEXE executing only iframe code.

The error on the screenshot is due to the Content Protection feature (see also your other thread).