htmtl5 audio player [solved]

I trie to run the code HTML5 Audio Player in IE9, but it failed. A message says: Your browser does not support the audio element.
According to File Menu, IE9 does support HMTL5. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Will you please help me?
This is the code:

Thank you!

Is your HTML page HTML5-enabled?
And which version of HTMLEXE are you using?

Just IE9 can play HTML5 Audio Player, either MP3 or Ogg, you need to use the tag “Meta” between ,
Why? Because the tag meta enforce or emulate IE9 to proper working.
This is what you have to do:

Even you can change the content=“IE=9” for “IE=8” or “IE=7” or lower.

I was expecting your answer to my request but as Simon Bolivar said: “I have plowed on the sea”.