Huge files in project

Please I need to deliver a huge numbers of PDF documents collections as a digital library. My concern is the fact that, the documents are huge and might not be suitable as a single application. Please I’m in dare need of a way of working around this issue.

Probably hoping that I could deliver the files on a specific folder or folders on user’s system and read from there using HTMLEXEC as front end. Will this method be suitable and if yes, what impact will it have on the security of the application?

Is there any means/method by which files located on user’s systems can be protected with HTMLEXEC?
Thanks in advance for your support.

In your case, if your files take several GBs in size, you’ll have to tell HTML Executable to keep data outside the EXE. Windows EXE are limited to 2 GB. If you keep data outside the EXE, you can have HTML Executable publications with several GBs.
Here is the link that shows the option to use:

Alternatively, you can also keep large files outside the EXE and have them encrypted. So that they can’t be opened by other applications except the EXE itself.

Your feedback is useful and well appreciated.

Please I want to know if it is possible to run the oversized program on a USB flash. That is to say that, can I use the USB flash as the external medium for maintaining the oversized files and still pin the program to the USB during compilation?

For instance, my program file is 20GB and I have opted to maintain the files outside the application. Can I use a 32GB USB drive as the external source and still pin the program to run on that particular USB?
Thank you.

The problem that you may encounter is speed. If the USB flash is slow, it may take longer to process large files. Nevertheless, there is no reason why HTML Executable would not build your EXE if source files are on a USB flash disk, provided that it can find them when compiling.