Iframe access to .htapasswd protected url


I would like the exe to connect to a remote url via iframe but the url is password protected using htaccess an htpasswd, i have supplied the username password in the iframe as follows:

https://username:[email protected]/folder/index.html
When trying to access through the generated exe i only see blank page.

please assist.

A different format in URL works in chrome Version 102.0.5005.115 but not in the supplied version in exeoutput

I’d like to know how to do this too - and if for some reason it’s not possible in the current version of exeoutput, then would definitely be worth adding to the feature request list!

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There are also possible security issues with iframes. If you get a blank page, there may be a CORS problem. See Understanding CORS. If you ever worked with an AJAX call… | by Bartosz Szczeciński | Medium

I experimented with this subject last year. Worked in Chrome but never in exeout.

Following this thread.

starting version 51 chrome has stopped support for embedded credentials in url
unless it is brought back i dont think it will be supported by exeoutput