Im always geeting a pop up "Syntax error" Source postion: 2, 31

im always getting a pop up “Syntax error” Source postion: 2, 31… Please help. Im new to this i dont know i can locate this thing.

since i upgrade it to latest version of exouput 2019, this pop up always bothering me. please helpless here

Are you using php ?

Or maybe a JavaScript error? Have you turned on the Developer Tools to check the console?

yes sir php with javascript. i dont know where to locate this error, i read also the other article about it and he locate it on his database, but when i check it on my database nothings wrong.

where can i find that developers tool sir?

maybe its a license issue sir? when i connect to web browser no error at all. but when i complied to .exe it pops.up 5x before the result show. every page load it pops.up 5x… i dont have an issue of this until i upgrade it to exeouput 2019… let me know sir.

im still working on this sir, and i will buy a license exeoutput after i have a cash for it., i cant negotiate to my client sir if " i will show an error upfront ". im now irritated by it… please sir.

Developer Tools to check the console? ive already done. i already fixed it but still pops up.

i think sir it’s not javascript error. i try to empty my index.php that has a javacsript on it and compile and run and then the result still the SAME. pops up 2x and the result will show!

i try anything that is possible… Let’s solve it sir! :slight_smile:

Then, if it’s a PHP error, you have to enable the PHP error log to see which file is triggering that error.

instead of home.php, i try the index.php(which has only 60lines ) for testing to seeking the error. i try to empty as in “no code” at all and compile and still it pops up.

Sir. Nothing Error in PHP, MYSQL, MARIADB, but in apache error has.

its now “9-29-2019|” and i think its the error. the apache,

for 2 weeks error! FINALLY I FOUND THE SOLUTION. hahahha. but not on FINDING THE ERROR and SOLVE IT but to make NEW PROJECT and use the old source php file… That’s all.! Thank you Myself and to the admin.

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