Information about online activation


I noticed that my year xls padlock license is over and I want to renew.

I’m interesting about the online activation function and how it works, and actually i’m not sure that I understand the different between the “Key Generator PHP SDK and the new” and the “Activation Kit”

I read your information about it but I still have a details that I want to understend

I’m quoting from your web info: “Then, registration form data is sent to a dedicated web application that checks whether the user has the right to access the workbook or not”

Can you expend about this point how this web application can check whether the user have the rights to access the workbook ?

here is the scenario:
The user download a free trial hardware base of my workbook.
And lets say that I want everything to be automatic.
So the user payed (with automatic paypal button), and he want to activate the workbook.
How this “web application” knows that this user payed ?

I hope that I’m not missing something.

thank you.

It’s up to you to modify the web application template we provide to validate whether the user has paid or not. For instance, you could integrate with WooCommerce to find out whether this is the case or not. It’s on our TODO list to provide a sample soon.