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Apologies if the answer to this is obvious but I had not thought about it until a user install my application from the administrator account and then went to his user account where he could not find the installation. This may not be a usual way to do things but he certainly did it this way.

He suggests that the installer should offer to install for all users or the current user. How do I arrange to offer this choice please?

Thanks in advance

ScruffyDuck Software
Microsoft MVP

You could tick this option to install shortcuts for all users:

It’s possible to ask end users for the choice, but this requires custom actions.
Basically you:
use “Ask user for a choice” at, store the result in a variable, and use “If/then” custom action to test the result and set the %SHORTCUTPATH% variable to either %PROGMENUDIR%\My Shortcut Folder if it’s for the local user, or %COMPROGMENUDIR%\My Shortcut Folder if it’s for All users.

Thank you

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