Installer that can use multiple install commands

We have a McAfee ePO Agent installer that can be installed using commands that add Custom Properties to the agent that translate back to the ePO server. We then use these custom properties to sort our ePO system tree for policy and repository distributions.

I need to be able to create a custom installer that somehow allows the end user to choose a country and have that launch the agent installer using a certain command specific to that country. For example: Choosing “Germany” would install our FramePgk.exe using the following command -

framepkg.exe /install=agent /CustomProps1=“EUR” /CustomProps2=“Germany” /forceinstall /s

We have over 100 countries to configure into this app and After spending many hours without success, I am asking the community for help.

I have tried using boolean type custom actions but Paquet Builder only allows for 3 max. This option was very promising until realising only 3 could be used.
Also tried messing around with “Components” but I couldn’t get choosing a component to launch the bat file containing the command.
Thanks for helping out!

Unfortunately, PB3 has no combo box dialog that would let your customer choose between 100 different items. It’s an interesting suggestion we put on our TODO list.