Installing into TWO folders - Help

I have 5 files
Three are to be installed to C:\TempData
Two are to be stored to C:\Users\Products99\Templates

Selecting the Manage Files to Compress option and Editing the Custom Destination folder to read as C:\Users\Products99\Templates does not seem to work on my customer’s computers. They get nothing to that path.

I can easily get Paquet builder to install to one folder, but the two paths has me wondering how to make it work?

I looked at the custom paths and Variables, but it makes no sense at all to me. The Help file has ideas but no examples and no steps to find the right way.

I tried to create a custom variable %InstallToProject99%, but that is just a variable and not the path C:\Users\Products99\Templates

I am seeking step-by step instructions for this.
Also, an example like mine in the Help file would be fantastic.

This should not be so hard, but it seems that it is and perhaps some design changes or a wizard interface could simply the process.

I look forward to a good example for this and thank you for your time.


First, set your destination folder to the C:\TempData

%SYSROOT% is replaced by the system drive, usually C:

Then, open the Custom Action Manager and add this action:

Code to be pasted:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<pbact><action GUID="600RK"><type>TModVarInfo</type><desc>Set &quot;%MYPATH%&quot; to this value &quot;%SYSROOT%\Users\Products99\Templates&quot;</desc><img>10</img><prop><Value>%SYSROOT%\Users\Products99\Templates</Value><Variable>%MYPATH%</Variable></prop></action></pbact>

Finally, you are right, use “Custom Destination folder” in File Manager.

Select your two remaining files, and enter %MYPATH%

Build your package.

Be sure to have the Trial or Registered edition!

Otherwise, in Freeware edition, custom destination for files is ignored (custom actions too)

The part about Code to be Pasted
That seems a bit complex and I would never have guessed that. I also do not know where to paste that. Am I missing something here?

I do see the idea about the variable and setting the path that way and I do appreciate your timely help on this.


PB has the ability to copy and paste custom actions in the custom action editor. In the clipboard, actions are stored in XML format so that you can easily exchange them with others.

So highlight all of the code I gave you, copy it to your clipboard and in the custom action editor, Action manager, click Paste and it will paste the action shown on the screenshot.