Interface with word


Have built an Excel Process that generates Examination Paper automatically.
A Word document is linked to one of its worksheet - so when the document is fired up, it draws data from Excel.

Now, I packlock the product. It is now an executable
I relink the WORD document to the executable Padlock document.

It then comes up with a message: "The specified data type is unavailable"
Thus I can no longer use the PADLOCK version to complete my process…
There are ways around it…
But my question is, is there a way I can get the link from the WORD document to PADLOCK to work?

Please see ideas from the 8 Use external references and hyperlinks paragraph from the guide:

You should place your WORD document in the same folder as the EXE, and use VBA or some HYPERLINK function to call PLEvalVar(“EXEPath”). This will give you the full path to the WORD document, so that your protected workbook can find the DOCX file.

For instance, HYPERLINKS can work like this:

Thanks for the information… HOWEVER…
The solution you gave is from Padlock to Word

The problem I have is that I need to go from WORD to PADLOCK
So when I OPEN up WORD I would like to link to a specific sheet in PADLOCK.

How can we do this?

In that case, this is not possible, because WORD won’t be able to access the Excel document file, for security reasons.

quick suggestion - another excel sheet that word connects to.

xlspadlocked sheet with macros exports data to that holding file.

the holding file doesn’t even have to be an excel file, you could export to TXT file or CSV.

just a thought…!