Introducing SaSnys

Cataloguing Application

Safe and Securely Network your Systems.

A fully customisable interface to an encryptable database on your desktop.
Be notified of your personal events like family birthdates your payment notifications sent to you by email.
and all from the safety of your own computer desktop.

download link follow the prompts:-

Great job Rob!

Shows just how powerful exeout can be.

Thank you ‘oldteacher’ for assessing the app for me, I have made it easier to set up now with everything having an operable default setting that a non programmer can bypass and allow them to start using the program, one drawback with the app is a one time dbase setting that remains until the MySQL folder is deleted. I can’t get the uninstall app to delete the MySQL folder because of the modified files in the folder.

I spent a bit more time on the uninstall app with researching the problem I fixed the problem in a roundabout way by using paquet’s custom actions " Before File Extraction" event; and added script to clear file attributes within the folder and then delete the MySql folder if it exists. I also included a custom dialog to ask the user if they wanted to keep the parameters within the database before deleting. The uninstall app is set up to remove all installed files from the setup. The parameter files left in the dbase folder were generated by interaction with the dbase and offcourse not listed for removal. But if an installation happens in the same folder then the new database gets its parameters from the left over files and then errors on access. So all is fixed now with reinstallation working well for updating the system if needed…

Hi Rob,

I am new Bee to ExeOuput and I would like to share with you my query for converting php webapplication to exe.

I would like to set up network database and then distribute exe application to organization. Did you done the same way in your application? (It is appearing like that from your app description and also I have tried to installed in my local system but some out it is not installing and gets stuck.)

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Hello Kaishma,

I think you will enjoy this application, yes I did exactly as you said with my application, can you explain what your problem is and what was on the screen when it went to error?

Hello Bob
Can you please share how you make network connection for database?

In your application we are not getting error on screen but it just break the process and goes in infinite mode. any idea on that.

Hi karishma,

Exe4php follows the established MySQL server connection technics, so a PHP networking class works perfectly. There is also a portable server database connection with an auto setup system in the Exe4PHP GUI titled “MySQL” that is completely independent within the “compiled.exe” and very flexible.


Robert Dwight

e-mail**:[email protected]**


Ok, thanks for sharing. will it be possible to share some example of configuration so we get better idea for that.

Karishma the following is extracted from a “PHP” manual:_