Invoking MSI installer in Paquet Builder

I am using Paquet Builder 3.3.1 in Windows 7

I have successfully created a build that has three components in this order

  1. Batch File
  2. MSI installer
  3. MSI installer

The 3) MSI installer I would like to invoke it with the /A option
For example if I were to run from a command prompt in windows I would type
msicexce /A MyInstall.msi
Note the /A is not a parameter it is an option.

How can this be accomplished within Paquet Builder

Try to enter /A in the Command Line Switches as shown below:

Thank you for the response. That did not work - results in misexec prompting for a correct option.

However I was able to invoke a BAT file with the following command

msiexec /a myInstaller.msi

This works however it looks a bit untidy because it leaves a DOS window open until the installer completes

We’ll look into this.
Instead of a .BAT, you can also use this custom action (this will avoid the DOS window):

UPDATE: in Paquet Builder version 3.4, this is now possible. Use the following custom action:

To get the same behavior in Paquet Builder, enter /A in the OtherAction field and the full path to the MSI package in PackagePath.