Ioncube installation


I have try Ioncube installation like said in Help file, but it doesn´t work.
Anybody knows how to make it work, please ?


Got it working on my end by using Windows VC14 (Non-TS) (32 bits) @ but I am using PHP 7.1

Added ioncube_loader_win_7.1.dll with all other extensions and restarted EXEOut


Have not tried other flavors of PHP but guessing same procedure?

Hello oldteacher,

It still doesn’t work on my side.
Did you add any instruction in php.ini, like ioncube path ?

Thank-you for your help,

Hi Gilbert. No, noting added to php.ini.

The first time I tried also failed but was because mistakenly used the 64bit ioncube dll.

Maybe if you will share your setup (ie php version, errors, etc) gdsupport can help more.

Once I used the correct 32bit dll and compiled into exe with “consider as zend extension” checked everything worked fine. One note though, my ioncube encoded script is in the “Data” folder and not compiled into exe.

Hi Oldteacher;

How do you call your encoded file in Data folder ?
I have tryed your way and then calling file with file_get_contents and php include method i still have get error :
“Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running ionCube protected PHP code, website security and malware blocking. Please visit for install assistance.”


I simply use include in my php file (which is compiled into exe) to call config file from Data folder:

include "config.php";

With your error, could be wrong dll version of ioncube or consider as zend not checked. You must use the exact dll according to php version you are running.

I have been testing with differents methods and dll, it is not working on my computer (windows10/64).

Thank-you for your help anyway !

I too run Win 10 64bit. Like I had said before, had error you did and replaced ioncube dll with 32bit and started working fine.

Sorry I could not be of more help… Maybe @gdgsupport can be of more assistance.

The problem is that you must include the exact version of ioncube loader that corresponds to the PHP version you’re using in your project. We only support PHP 32-bit and NTS.
Steps from oldteacher are correct and it will work.

Thank-you for your help, i will see if i am using the right PHP version.


Sometimes it works. Other times does not work :wink:

@gdgsupport it looks like, that the intoExe compiled ioncube.dll disappeared phpinfo in compiled exe
Bugtracking is not possible to solve this kind of errors :roll_eyes:

copy into Data/ext will work …sometimes

Have you contacted ioncube support to ask them?

The Problem is to “compile into the exe”.
it doesn’t work prroperly
“copy in a subfolder - outside exeo” works