Is FTP uploading is possible on ExeOutput for PHP on windows XP

I would like to know whether FTP uploading is possible on exeoutput to work on Windows XP. I could’t found the DLL file (php_ftp.dll) which is required for FTP uploading on the EXEOUTPUT 2.2 exe compiler. I choose PHP 5.4 in PHP settings component. Please help me to resolve the issue.

The FTP extension is shipped with the PHP distribution and so with ExeOutput by default. So, you should be able to find it in the PHP Extensions page of ExeOutput.


I couldn’t able to find the FTP extension in EXEOUTPUT 2.2 exe. Please look into the attached image.

Indeed, looks like the FTP extension was only added in PHP 7. You’ll have to find a build of PHP FTP.DLL for PHP 5.4.