Is it possible to just compile the HTML5/CSS/Javascript alone?

This is probably a daft question… I have recently added (licensed) ExeOutput to my ‘tool box’.

I was originally looking for a compiler (to exe) for HTML5/CSS/Javascript/jQuery only. Had a play with HTML Executable as that did what I wanted BUT uses I.E./Edge as the baked in browser…

I then found ExeOutput for PHP amongst GDG Soft’s offerings and as much of my work is indeed PHP/MySQL based this was even better AND what a relief to find that it uses Chromium (Chrome) as baked in browser!

Now for the ‘probably daft question’…! Is it possible to compile without including compiling in PHP? I.e. effectively creating the standalone server & Chromium browser but without the overhead of PHP? So for HTML only ‘apps’ no PHP… I do not wish to use HTML Executable as Chrome for me is a must have… not IE/Edge!

I guess I am looking at a best of both worlds scenario…

Well, next major release of HTML Executable will have Chromium too. However, it’s taking us a lot of time to finish it since it’s a very big project.
However, you can’t disable PHP in ExeOutput.
BTW PHP runtime takes only a few MB compared to the Chromium runtime!

Ah, okay - no problem!

Thank you