Is it possible to use XLS Padlock with XLAM files?


I’m evaluating XLS Padlock as a potential solution for distributing an Excel Add-in I have developed. I don’t see any options for compiling XLAM files. Of course, I can compile the XLSM file the XLAM file is built from, but that doesn’t help. Is it possible to turn an XLAM file into an EXE file using XLS Padlock?



No, XLS Padlock cannot protect Excel add-ins alone unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a follow up question. Can a workbook protected with XLS Padlock be saved as an XLAM file? I’m still interested in the product and I’m trying to find a workaround. I tried with your free version but it didn’t work. Would that work with the purchased version?

No the trial version is fully-functional and behaves as the registered one so that there is no surprise.