Is there a way to lock my folder where psd files are located?

I created a program where i transact all my cashiering system as well as the design (.psd files).

I just want to protect my psd files from being copied/delete and only to be copied, or delete by an administrator or owner…

Help me please! it’s my only way seal the deal to my buyers. They really need “SECURITY” for thier psd files.

*also let me know for the clarification you need to know about my problem?:slight_smile:

Do you allow your customers to open your PSD files in Photoshop?

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No sir. i mean the program i develop is for the company security. and they want to protect there output (psd files) from there employee ( graphic designer) from copieng for there inside job… beacuse They have been stolen alot of design from theier past designers who lift to another company .

I think sir maybe a way to HIDE the files where we cant locate even in file explorer.

and only specific level of people can access the folder to it like Manager, or Owner Using my Program, …

Let me know sir for more better ideas regarding the problem.

“Do you allow your customers( Designer) to open your PSD files in Photoshop?”

  • Yes sir, There’s also a hole of problem there sir. and also maybe theres a solution to it . Maybe a Tracker of there activities., Let me know sir Your solution about it.

If You have to store the files on the disk, maybe You should store the files on the disk encrypted? So only your application could get the access and know how to handle the file. Please remember not to store the password inside the application in open text. Try to use the PHP Settings --> String protection in ExeOutput for password.
You can use i.e. openssl (