Issue opening a saved xlsce file

Dear sirs,

in some pc I encounter an issue when I try to open a saved xlsce file.
The file selection dialog box doesn’t appear or sometimes appeares for few seconds and then disappear.
You can see the issue in this video:

In the video I disabled the antivirus to be sure that it doesn’t block the execution.

The issue occurs only on some PCs.

How can I fix?


Which version of XLS Padlock are you using?

version 2021.1

Try to drag the XLSCE save file you want to open and drop it directly onto the EXE’s icon in Explorer.

Thanks, it works using drag and drop.
Does it exist a vba command that allows to load a saved file without closing and re-launching the exe application?
I mean a command to launch the dialog box file selection while the application is in execution.