Issue with HTMLexe MP4s - SOLVED

Just tried to compile an HTML file with Version 4.8 all appears well in the final compilation except for the imbedded MP4 videos which it says "Invalid Source.’ The original has been tested in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and in all the MP4s work fine. Why in the HTML executable compilation do not?

How do you play MP4 files in your HTML file? Have you tried the Documentation about playing media files?

I have the same problem. Im using jwplayer to run them

Same question: run the Documentation, choose the topic about playing media files, do you see the video running?
And please try to do this in your project:

I have encountered same issue, I found that the action of MP4 was set to “Extract to disk”.
When I change it to “Serve with built-in server”, it works fine.

Yes, you are right. And Reset will do it; for MP4 the default action is now “Serve with built-in server”. But for compatibility reasons, when you load a project made with an older version of HTML EXE, the list is not updated. So MP4 may not play correctly unless you click Reset.

Make sure there are no spaces in your video file name. That’s where my issue arose. Probably watch you letter casing too.

This was exactly the answer I was looking for @gdgsupport. I tried everything I could think of but each setting on mp4 didn’t work at all. When I reset, all of a sudden now everything works.

Great that it worked for you!