Issue with opening external exe file

Yes, me again:)

Using V1.7 with trident engine (can’t use chromium for this project).

I have an issue that seems simple, yet giving me issues. Want to open external EXE file in same folder as my ExeOut exe.

Have read on forum (and dcos) about using scripting or the _heopenit. No luck with scripting so focusing on _heopenit

Currently using code like this:

<a href="assets/mathtest.exe" target="_heopenit">Start Math Test</a>

So basically I have a folder names “assets” in the same folder as my compiled EXEOut exe. Just wish a simple way to open exe…

If you have good example for me, be very grateful so can get software ready for school.


There is actually a sample in the doc :wink:How to run an executable program?

thanks. but as I stated read the docs and why I asked here:) it is not working in V1.7 as stated in docs for some reason. guess it just doesn’t work with my computer.