IT Department Keeping A "Master Key"?

How does it work if our IT department wants to have the ability to manage a “master key” on the files encrypted by general employees (in case they leave the company with the keys to certain files unbeknownst to other people)? Is there a recommended practice here to address this potential issue of lost keys?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “encrypted files”? EXE files compiled from workbooks or encrypted saves made by EXE files when end users run the protected workbooks and choose to save their work?

Hi, thank you for the clarifying question. I meant both, more specifically, anything file is a protected output of the XLSPadlock. Once the general user is no longer with the company, if/how the IT Dept can still open tall of the XLSPadlock protected files the former employees used to work with? Thanks!

You must ask your employees for the Application GUID or better the XLS Padlock project files stored in the same folder as the source workbook file.