Java script errors on links

Keep getting this and other errors on links to site. Works fine from anywhere else just not from HTML.exejava%20error

Try to add _heexternal to your link as shown here:

<a target="_heexternal" href="">View</a>


Is this what you mean?

Still getting the same errors

<a target="_heexternal" href="">View</a>

Is that what should be there?

Yes. Now, if you compile the new HTML page and run the ebook, clicking that link should open your link into the web browser.

should this file be on the website server?

No, looks like there is a typo error in your HTML code. Could you post the source code of the HTML page?

It is a pdf.

Ok. That explains the problem!
Here is the solution:

  1. in HTML Executable, double-click on UserMain in “User Scripting”:

  1. Paste this:

    procedure OpenLink;
    OpenFile(“”, “”, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

  1. Modify your PDF link:
    View should point to this URL:

copied but getting error in script

Use quotes " and not “” as rendered by the forum above.

Thank You SUCCESS!!