Javascript Error heserver

Javascript Error - http://heserver/index.html 0 101:189 Expected ‘(’

Does anybody know why I would be recieving this error message (above) after I have compiled the disc via the ‘WebBrowser publication’ and put it in my cdrom drive to test the message pops up but everything seems to work.

I didnt get any errors in the ‘compile your publication’ report

Plus is there a way to compile the disc via ‘WebBrowser’ which is viewed in its own window, but I want my external links to pop up in the default web browser example IE or Firefox, doing this without compiling the disc via Self-Extracting publication?

Any ideas would be appreciated

Thanks Marcus

Without your JS code, it will be difficult to help you.
You can disable JS errors with that option:

If you want links to open in the default browser, use heexternal: see