JavaScript Errors - Flash player not working

Hi. I am trying to insert a flash player in order to read an AES encrypted video. Both web browser and auto-extractible publications do not work and seem to fail to create the dependencies I need between the files.






Hope you will find the solution. Note that I did not put the video .ts files in the .exe during my tests.

You seem to have a lot of third-party files with non-standard MIME types. You should also add specific extensions to the Content Filetype list, see

I knew that. Look at the first “error” screen ; the software does not allow the dependencies I want to create on my index.html. I tried both extracting files and using an incorporated server and making the file accessible via this server. Both give the same errors. Any other idea why the dependencies won’t be created ?

Dependencies and Content Filetype are different features. In your case, adding files to the Dependencies isn’t enough, because the server in HTML Executable must also know about non-standard file extensions you’re using. That’s done thanks to the Content Filetype list.

I guessed. I put all the file types I used in the “Content File Type List” to make them accessible via the server. The result is the errors you can see on the screens I uploaded… However, since I can see the number of people who saw my pictures, I can say that you did not even take a look to what I have done precisely. I know you owe me nothing, but just read my entire message before replying.

In all pictures you attached to your post, I saw no “Content Filetype” screenshot, it’s not necessary to click an image to see what it is, we have thumbnails. “Content Filetype” is a necessary step in your case, even for the built-in server.

The best would be that you zip your project and send us it for internal review.

Thank you, I will consider sending you the folder in a compressed format. But I want to verify an idea before, I think the errors can result from the “crossdomain.xml”. I saw the software can generate it but I have come to think that I need a specific one. I try something and let you know the forthcoming week-end.