Just want to say "Thanks!"

Finally purchased a copy today!!! Woo Hoo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just want to say thanks for a great product!! :smiley:

Our website will launch this week, product was made using ExeOutput!!

Thanks again…


Maybe my question will get answered here quicker… I had emailed support already.

I did a SEARCH and did not find an answer, so here it goes:

After purchasing a Registered Version of ExeOutput, under ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS, DEFAULT SETTINGS, it keeps defaulting back to the original data. No matter how many times I change: Author Name:, Company Name:, Web Homepage:, or Def. Copyright:, it keeps going back to the original data when I close ExeOutput and start it back up!

I even completely uninstalled ExeOutput, went through the Windows Registry and removed any reference to ExeOutput and it still keeps that old info when I reinstall.

I also noticed, my registered serial number is automatically in ExeOutput even after a complete uninstall and registry clean… that data is being stored somewhere, I can not for the life of me find out where…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… every time I close and restart the ExeOutput application, I have to re-enter all that data over again…


I just figured out that data is irrelevant… as long as you put the right data in the APPLICATION OUTPUT, RESOURCES.

It does retain that data, and when the End User right mouse button on .exe all is good! :slight_smile:

This is correct right?


There is a small bug with how environment settings are stored. This will be fixed in ExeOutput 1.5.
Good luck with the launch of your product!