Keeping a folder in temp extraction directory


I have searched around the docs + forum and can’t quite find solution to my issue, if there is one.

Have a software that must be registered with a activation code. The software writes the code into a directory so my system can verify status of license.

Since this version is not using installer, is there a way to keep one folder in the temp extraction folder so next time software is started license key still there?

Rather not have to use a installer and keep software “portable”.

Hope I am making sense, been at this way to long today:)

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Personally, keeping any critical information in the Temp folder is not a good idea. Especially something as critical as license information that if it gets deleted, your software will not run in the registered mode and you will not have happy users.

Why, the Temp folder should be used as it’s name implies, for temporary usage. Over the years, I have seen some machines with two, three and more gigs of stuff in their temp folder. It wastes space and will cause your machine to slow down. If a user utilizes a cleanup utility to clean their machine, this is one of the areas it targets. Case in point, on my machines, I have a custom script that will remove the stuff that is not needed, files and folders. On occasion, after running the script, I will verify what is left and if needed, add the latest items to the script. This leaves other programs “critical files and or folders” intact, that should have been placed elsewhere. Some users will try to delete all the files in the Temp folder, not knowing what is needed and what is not needed. The items, not getting deleted will be the ones that are currently in use.

Assuming Windows 7 and above, two better places to store license information would be the registry and/or the user’s AppData folder. Some even store license information in the ProgramData folder.

I hope the above information helps you to decide on where you want to store your license information. I’m confident that Support will add any information that I have missed, especially with their programs.

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Thank you Hawkeye. Very good points indeed.

Think I better take another good look at what I really need to do.

Sadly, for some odd reason I can no longer use Paquet Builder 3.3. Seems owners decided to downgrade me to personal version after I paid upgrade. Have not heard from them so going to find another solution for now.