Key Generator SDK-Hardware Locking

I have the web key generator working on my site for a 14-day trial version of my spreadsheet.

I need to have hardware locking as well. How do I get the web application to ask for the user’s system ID?

There are no instructions with the kit and a dummy system ID is included in the php file that causes the generated key not to be valid.

On the XLS Padlock “Web Activation” tab, it says “This button named “Get Key Online” will open the user’s web browser to the URL of your choice, And optionally replace the text %SYSTID% in the URL with the System ID.

What does that mean? I don’t see the system ID in the URL anywhere and it does not ask me to enter my system ID before generating the key.

I found another problem. I created a trial that expired after 1 use to test and the next time.

When I opened the spreadsheet a second time, it told me my key was expired and that I need a new key. But the “Get Key Online” button was there instead of “Purchase Online”. It allowed me to get another 14-day free trial key.

I presume it will allow me to do this indefinitely. How do I change which button shows up?

I went into the English.sil file like you told me to in another post and modified the wording on the pop-up, but I do not know how to modify the button that appears.

I still cannot get the WooCommerce online activation to work either. This is very frustrating to someone who just wants to sell a protected spreadsheet and doesn’t know how to write script.

Just enable hardware-locked keys in XLS Padlock and the EXE will show the system ID to users.

That’s because you have to do it yourself with an HTML form, or read the system ID with the GET variable defined by PHP.
If you don’t know PHP, you should hire a PHP developer to do it for you.