Laravel routes - Error -105 when loading url


I’m hoping someone can help as I’m really stuck on this issue and don’t know what else to try, I’m trying to get a Laravel 4 application working on ExeOutput however I’m getting this error on any route I try and hit:

Error -105 when loading url http://heserver/index.php/login

(where login is a route specified in my Laravel routes config.)

I’ve modified the application to not use mod_rewrite and it works perfectly under mamp in this state, however as soon as I run it on ExeOutput I can’t hit any routes. For reference the intial page loads up great and the framework is clearly working and running the MVC system correctly, however any route away from the entry page refuses to be found.


So after a few more hours experimenting I’ve found that Laravel 4 doesn’t use the URL varaible discribed in the ExeOutput documentation at application\config\application.php to generate its links. L4 instead generates them automatically, and in this case wrongly prefixing them with “http” not “ghe”. Therefore my new question is can ExeOutput use simple http instead of ghe? or does anyone know how to override this automatic Laravel 4 behaviour?

With Chromium, all URLs must begin with ghe:// (it’s the internal protocol). The sole way would be editing laravel source code…

Is their any reason exeoutput can’t use http when using the chrome render engine yet trident is happy to work with either? It seems a big ask to rewrite parts or the Laravel source code when it’s apparently a supported framework on the exeoutput website? Has anyone had any luck getting Laravel to use ghe://?

Lavarel is supported by the Trident engine, so supported by ExeOutput. Chromium can’t let us deal with the http protocol like Trident.