Latest XLS Padlock - Error when compiling

Hello. We’ve been using the XLS Padlock program since early last year to convert our Excel Applications into EXE files which can be distributed to people. This past week, we decided to download the latest XLS Padlock program (Jan. 2021?). When we attempted to compile our Excel file (Office 2016, 64-bit xlsm file) on a Windows 10 64-bit computer (all up-to-date), we received an error message which we’ve never seen using the previous versions of XLS Padlock.

When we click on the “Build Secure Application” button, a window pops up at the 25% completion mark with the title “XLS Padlock Error” and message stating “An error occurred while performing formula protection. To save this file, you must select a visible sheet”. The Excel file is the same as was used last year; no changes to the sheets or VBA code. We also did not change any of the new XLS Padlock default “Advanced Options”. Has anyone encountered this issue and/or have a suggested solution?

Currently stumped and not sure what the next best course of action is. Is there a setting we need to change to avoid this error?

What is the state of this option in your project?

Thanks for the reply!

The current state of the “Use Excel automation for formula protection” checkbox is as in your graphic… it is unchecked!

As follow-up, I checked/enabled the checkbox and attempted the compile again. Success!!! It compiled with no problems. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

After compiling, I then attempted to “Test the Application”. I’m now encountering a new/different error message. Window appears with message displayed "Last save file not found. Cannot continue:.

This is the first time I’m compiling the Excel file; so there are no previous “save files”.
It’s been awhile since I last used XLS Padlock. I think I’m missing yet another setting somewhere. : (

Great that it works for you now.

That’s strange because this error message should appear only if you click “Last Save” in the initial window. And the “Last Save” button appears if you already saved your workbook once at least.