Licensing for portable publication

We have created a exe using option “Create portable publication” . I have made license file on the USB.
My issue is :
If user copies the exe file to another USB and deltes the .license and .pref files. Then he uses htmlexe demo or trail version and creates new .license and .pref files for that exe. Then he can run the exe on that USB.
So in this case the exe not locked to perticular USB.

Is there any solution to this problem?

I thought of doing one thing - Compare USB manufacturer id with some specific string like ‘5Z%’ etc which could be the manufacturer id of the USB’s we are providing. But could not compare string with wild character like ‘%’

Any solution?

Even if another person uses HTML Executable to generate new .pref and .license files, the .license will not work for another publication, since the person generating the .license file must know your secret Certificate ID. Without it, you can’t make working registration keys nor license files…