Limit number of times EXE can be started

I am wondering if there is way to use scripting and limit number of times a software can be open/started?

Setting expiration date is not really an option. Seems would be a very requested feature and surprised not built into EXEOut.


For making trial versions of your EXE files made with ExeOutput, we recommend to use a dedicated software protection tool named Obsidium, see

Not making trial versions. Just wanted ability to let the software run a number of times.

The date expiration is ok, but much rather use number of times.

Obsidium can also do it. You can configure it to expire after a given number of runs.

LOL. I know that Obsiduim can do it at a very large cost. Total overkill for such simple need on my end.

Seems like if EXEout can be set to stop running after certain date, it would be dead drop simple to have to expire after so many runs.

Anyway, good sales pitch and appreciate your reply.