Limitations on VBA in compiled format

I’m running into some challenges when I move code from Excel’s VBA to XLSPadlock VBA.

  1. The “_” flags an error when used on continuation statements. Is this a restriction?

  2. MSGBOX apparently needs all parameters. “, ,” generates an error.

  3. When I attempt to save, I get an “Internal Error Unable to save file [filename]” Is this because it must compile correctly before you can save it?

  4. I can’t seem t get back to the VBA code that’s part of Excel when this happens.

Any ideas?

The VBA compiler has some restrictions for VBA syntax compared to the Excel’s VBA interpreter. All syntax and keywords handled are listed in our doc:
_ isn’t supported.
MsgBox requires all parameters, yes.
“Internal Error Unable to save file [filename]” Yes, the code must compile correctly before it can be used in Excel.