Line split with added header adds null before each character

If I use the “split before occurrence number” with pattern 0x0A on a large text file which has line breaks it works as expected. I have “do not add GSplit tags” checked as well.

However, if I add a header to each piece then I get a null before each single character in each created file after the first one. This is the same thing that happens if I was to choose “split after” and 0x0A.

So, I can’t seem to both add a header and split by the end of line.

I’m using GSplit 3.0.1.

What is the header you are trying to add?

It does that if I add any header at all. The file is Unicode so I’d need to try it with an ascii one to see if that was the issue.

I actually wanted to use:
use bb0x0D0x0Ago
but I thought the hex characters might be the issue to I just tested with “go” and the same thing happened.

So you wanted to insert


as a header?