Link between 2 files does not work since version 3.0



I am using XLS Padlock to protect one of 2 Excel files that are linked. The principle is the following :

  • the main file contains a lot of vba code that we want to protect and is compiled thanks to XLS Padlock

  • the second one is a kind of big form. The user use it to enter their data and there are Activex control wich are linked to the main file through the following code :

           fichier_source = ThisWorkbook.Name (name of the second file)
           Chemin = ThisWorkbook.Path  (path ot the second file)
           Application.Run "MainFile.xlsm!Macro_name.Button_name", fichier_source, Chemin

It used to function very well but it has stopped with version 3.0. I have tried all the following versions of XLS Padlock and none of them allow this system to work. Is there a way to make it work again ? I am still using the version 2.5 of XLS Padlock but I would like to upgrade to the latest one.

Thank you !


The error message I get is :

         Execution error '1004' : 
         Sorry... We do not find Path.Mainfile.xlsm. 

It seems as if the main file is invisible. When I open the developer tab thanks to the “debug” button I cannot see my main file, which used to be the case with previous versions of XLS Padlock.


Our user guide has the solution to your problem:

We also recommend you to upgrade to the last version, because Excel is constantly being upgraded by Microsoft nowadays.