Link to pdf or embed pdf reader in page

Hello, thanks for this great software !

I am developing an offline documentation in fullscreen (without title bar or menu bar). When I click on a pdf link, it launches a new PDFViewer window without menu bar or title bar in fullsrceen. So I can’t close it or go back.

I tried to open the link in a new popup with close button (using target="_blank "or target="_hepopup_document"). But the pdf always opens in full screen with PDFviewer…

<a href="http://heserver/fichiers/document.pdf" target="_hepopup_document">My pdf link</a>

I have another idea, but I don’t know if htmlexe can do that.
Is it possible to embed the pdf viewer in the page, not in a standalone page ?

Thank you very much !

If you use Adobe Reader as your PDF viewer, it’s possible to embed it with third-party tools like

Thank you, this is exactly that I needed !