Loading workbook dialog box doesn't work in 2.0 version

I have just updated my XLS Padlock to new versión 2.0 and make a new compilation of my Excel workbook. Everything is ok except the “Loading workbook dialog box in Excel” option which doesn´t work when is unmarked (the option is not enable).
I have rebooted the PC.

I am using 32 bits XLS Padlock, Windows 8.1 64 bits., Excel 2013.

Could not reproduce the error. The “Loading workbook” dialog box displays fine if the option “Do not display…” is not enabled.
Do you have other specific settings such as splash screen? Activation key?

I have splash screen and I am using activation key (hardware locked key).
This feature worked correctly in the previous versión.

Still, we aren’t able to reproduce it. It’s working. Is it possible for you to send us your EXE file? If yes, use dropbox.com or demo.ovh.com/en

I already send you the dropbox link with the .EXE.

Please check your spam because I had in the past some problems to reach you.

Thank you for the clarifications by email.
Just to inform everybody:
In the new versión 2.0 the progressing green indicator feature of the splah screen has been removed.
Therefore it’s not an error.