Locking the Activation Key to the 1st used Hardware ID

Hi GDG team,

It would be great if you could somehow implement this scenario in ProtectEbook.net protection system:

  1. user buys a product and receives an activation key for 1 machine only and he uses it to unlock his copy of the product

  2. user decides to clean install windows (or tells me he wants to do just that, but he really wants to cheat :wink: by giving the activation key to his friend when he is finished using the product)

  3. user was originally allowed to use the activation key only on 1 machine. He uses automatic deactivation and increases his allowed usage of activation code (0 --> 1)

  4. user activates the product again on the original machine
    [Important part for cheaters]: If user tries the same key on a different machine he cannot activate the product because the activation key is locked onto the computer that he first used!

Thanks a lot for making life easier for us and more difficult for cheaters GDG!

The problem remains that you will always have some user who asks you to reset activations. It’s up to you to accept it or not. Protect Ebook.net can blacklist activation keys when you deactivate on a given computer.