Locking the exe to a USB disk

I have copied the exe to drive F: on the computer, where I have my thumb drive. In Security->Advanced Options->Key Generator, “Generate License File” does not work.

The Selected Certificate is “Registered 1.” I have filled in the User Name, but have left the other fields blank. When I click on “Generate License File” I get an error popup that says it could not create the license file on C:. I think it doesn’t know that the thumb drive is in F:

Any suggestions?

Evidently, I have to define F:MyApp.exe as the output file, recompile to create the exe in F:, then Generate License File will work.
One remaining problem: When I try to eject the USB drive on F:, windows says the device is still in use. I’ve looked at the task bar, but cannot find what is using it.

Yes, to generate the license file for an ebook locked to a USB disk, the EXE file must be created onto the USB disk (you must define the Output Path so), so that HTML Executable knows which USB disk you want to lock the license file to.
We’ll investigate the “the device is still in use” problem, but verify that there is no antivirus running on your side. Some of them opens EXE files for scanning.