Losing SQLite change when exit application - SOLVED

Hello everyone,
I’ve created a little application that interact with a SQLite db (embed in the application). During the use I’ve noticed no problem but every time I close my application the data i edited in the db are lost.
Any idea?

(sorry for my bad bad english)

It’s because you compiled the database into the EXE file. When you run the EXE, the database is made available to PHP and modifications are kept in memory (as a virtual file). But when the EXE is closed, memory is erased and your database changes are lost. So you have two possibilities:

  • keep the database outside the EXE file (in the “Data” subfolder for instance).
  • store your database in the User Appdata local folder. ExeOutput provides you with a dedicated folder for that. See http://www.exeoutput.com/help/savingfiles

I see. I had thought somthing like that but good to know for sure.
I’ve already use the first solution you proposed and it workd.

Many thanks