Mac Support

When I first started using XLS Padlock, I inquired about Mac support and you replied that you didn’t support Macs because that was considered lower priority than other upgrades because Mac users had the option of using the Parallels Desktop to make their Macs Windows-compatible. I can now tell you that it has become very clear to me that there are lots of Mac users out there that DO NOT want Windows on their machines and are not interested in spending money on Parallels, Windows and Windows Excel just to have the privilege of running my product. Do you have any plans at this time to do this upgrade?


There is no immediate plan for Mac support in XLS Padlock. There are also technical problems since some features like COM addins are not supported by Excel for MAC.

The last reply on this topic was over 2 years ago. Are there any updates on supporting MACs? I myself have an interest in having my app run on a MAC/ ipad.

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We still do not intend to develop Mac support yet. As a workaround, Mac users could still install bootcamp + Windows or run a virtual machine with Windows and Excel to view your app.
BTW you won’t find any other similar product for Mac on the market, especially for technical reasons.

I am running into the same thing. Many MAC users do not download Parallels. I personally have a MAC and don’t use Paralles. I simply have a Windows Computer and a MAC.