Maintaining Folder and Subfolder Structure

Have been trying to figure this out for long time now. Reading, reading and reading, no luck in solution. Know there has to be simple solution…

I have a folder structure like this:


When adding the folders to the file manager all the files within are added to project but NOT in the Data or assets folder. All files are grouped together without respecting the folder structure.

I wish to simply add the Data folder and file manager respects the layout (with subfolder structure) and places all the content in a folder called “Data”. Same for assets folder.

In past I have to set each set of files using the “Custom Destination Folder”. With hundreds of files this is insane:) There has to be an easier way.

So, how do I add a folder with subfolders and Paquet without manually setting custom destination folder option?

Thanks in advance for your input and knowledge.

Oh my, so simple and I wish to thank “anonymous” (fellow school teacher) for the email on how to solve. Guess if they wish to be known, will follow up here.

Simple solution: 7z zip all files/folders and add them under existing archive in file manager. So damn simple:)

Yes, it’s simple but you can also do it with Paquet Builder itself:

Double-click on the component with all of the files to show Component Properties

Enter the full path to the Data folder in the field.

You can also automatically add and update file lists by specifying the source folder in Global properties:

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Thank you. Had tried that and looking at your example, see I missed a step.