Major release: ExeOutput for PHP 2018 - February 1st, 2018

:sparkler: Major release available: ExeOutput for PHP 2018.0 :sparkler:

Our PHP to desktop app compiler now offers support for PHP 7.2, Chromium 63, and other great enhancements. Upgrade is recommended if your maintenance is active.

What’s new:

  • Support for PHP 7.2 and new libsodium encryption extension.
  • Support for Chromium 63 and CEF3 branch 3239.
  • Visual C++ runtimes are now integrated, so no more VC++ DLL dependency is required for PHP 7.x and 5.6. There is an option to disable this if you want.
  • ExeOutput for PHP now automatically scans selected PHP extensions for all dependencies and then includes them in the final EXE (or copies them to the proper folder). For instance, cURL dependencies are now automatically included, so we removed the manual option to include DLL dependencies.
  • Improved support for complex paths in PHP require and include commands.
  • New TImage component available in the UI editor, allowing you to insert images and logos in the interface of your apps. A new help topic is available with a tutorial.
  • Improved video and audio seekable support.
  • Improved progress bar behavior while compressing CEF runtime files.
  • Improved behavior of compiled PHP apps on multiple monitor setups. Be sure to disable “Always center the window” option in old projects.
  • Version information format (file version and product version) is now checked.
  • New option to create custom HTTP headers for requests. A new help topic is also available with sample code.
  • JavaScript command window.close is now working in HTML dialog boxes such as the About box. We recommend you to reset internal dialog boxes of your old projects when you load them in ExeOutput for PHP 2018.
  • Fixed random executable startup failures and other related memory errors.
  • Fixed: PHP opcache wasn’t enabled in PHP.INI for PHP 7.1.
  • Improved support for PHP commands exec() and system(). The “Unable to fork” problem has been fixed too. You can now run EXE and batch files directly with PHP exec(). A new help topic is also available with sample code.
  • Added fastcgi.impersonate = 1 by default to PHP.INI.
  • Improved virtual file system.
  • Improved general Chromium demo.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated PHP samples.
  • Several internal improvements.

Compatibility with 2.x projects

After loading your old projects in ExeOutput for PHP 2018, we recommend you to:

  • reset internal dialog boxes. To do so, click Reset in Application Settings => Dialog boxes.
  • disable the “Always center the window” option in Application Settings => Main Window.

:point_right: Version 2018 does not provide support anymore for Windows XP and Vista platforms. You need ExeOutput for PHP 2 to make Windows XP and Vista compatible PHP apps. Both versions (2018 and 2) can be installed on the same computer.


ExeOutput for PHP creates native Windows applications and software programs from websites coded in PHP and HTML. The resulting application is a stand-alone browser app that runs PHP scripts natively without requiring any PHP distribution nor web server.

Build Windows apps, custom web browsers, database front-ends, ebooks, games, interactive catalogs, and much more by combining the power of PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript into desktop applications for Windows.

Upgrade to ExeOutput 2018 requires an active maintenance. You can check your maintenance here.

Customers who own ExeOutput for PHP 1.x can review upgrade conditions.

A fully-functional Trial is available for download on our website at:

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